Monday, October 16, 2017

Night out in Philadelphia

      I can not believe how warm this fall is. We haven't had any frosts even at night time yet. The temperature stays around 70 degrees everyday and evenings are still very warm. Yesterday we went to Philadelphia with our friends, we attended a concert.

      I decided to wear something extra comfortable and free, I didn't want anything tight or fitted. My choice fell once again on this skirt - flowy and without a tight belt, with a free sweater which gave me freedom in movement.

      It was a great evening... I felt very relaxed and cozy spending time with my great friends which of course was even better due to the right decision I made with clothes I was wearing.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Denim Dress

       When I saw this dress in a store I immediately imagined how many options of wearing it I could create in the whole year. I can wear it by itself in summer time, with T-shirts and  blouses in spring and fall, and with turtlenecks and sweaters for winter. Don't you love these kind of items?

      Of course, I bought it without any doubts. Today was a rainy day and on our way to see our friends we just stopped by Lowe's and asked the staff if we could take a few pictures for my blog. The cashier lady let us do it with a smile on her face. Thank you very much.

     The light for these pictures may not have been the best, but my mood was, because I really liked my new dress!

Do you have any garments in your closet that you can wear in any season?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Printed pants

      These pants I bought two years ago and since then haven't had a chance to wear them. The pants are a little too long but, even though I have a sewing machine at home and know how to cut and ham them, they are still hanging in my closet without any alterations.

      Today I really wanted to put on the shirt I recently bought at Anthropologie, but it wasn't easy to match it with anything from my wardrobe until I found these pants. Well..., they are still a little long, but I really like how these two pieces look together. In this situation I decided to find higher hills and and I think it worked out well.

      I really need to ham these pants and wear them more often next summer. They are so comfortable, stylish and well made. Linen is definitely one of my favorite fabric.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Back on track

      I am back from my home country full of good memories and a great spirit. I spent a wonderful time with my family and friends. It was so great to see everyone, we couldn't stop talking and sharing the latest news about each other. I felt blessed the whole time to be home among people who truly love me and care about me.

      But now I am here and I am very happy to be back. It may sound odd, but I belong to one of those people who finds a way to love both places with the same power. I have enough space in my heart to hold both countries and all people I know there and here.

      Today I want to show you a new top which I bought at Anthropologie right before my trip. I liked it because it can be worn by itself as wells as a part of layers in between seasons. I found it pretty difficult sometimes to find the right clothes in transition of seasons, because mornings and evenings could be pretty cool, but days are still hot.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vacation time

      Today we are leaving for two and a half weeks to visit my family and friends in Russia. It has been a bit of crazy time since we bought out tickets. But we are ready to go - suitcases are packed, passports and tickets are in my bag, we are in our best mood waiting to meet with our family and friends.

      In Russia I will not be able to post any pictures of my outfits, that's why I hope you will come back to my blog in the beginning of October.

      Thank you very much for reading my blog. I will see you soon!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My big trip

      My big trip is coming up on September 14th and all I do now is just buying presents, pack and get prepared for my vacation. Evgeny and I are going to Russia for almost three weeks to visit our families and friends.

      Let me tell you that it is not that easy to set everything up between a full time job, find gifts for my friends and relatives, and take photos for my blog..., but I am getting there. Most of the presents are bought, one suitcase is packed and wardrobe for our travel is finalized.

    Today was a big day with the final shopping for my Russian girlfriends and my mom. We went to Macy's and I got so lucky with great deals there. I love this store, because it has so many options and I also can use my coupons on top of their discounts. It is hard to beat some of their prices.

    A top and jeans I am wearing today are from my recent purchase at Anthropologie. They had 40% off on sale items and, of course, I couldn't resist to buy a few beautiful pieces form there.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Big shopping day

      Today I decided that it is time to go shopping. I haven't been at the stores for so long and I realized how much I missed it. I know that on-line shopping is getting more and more popular and I have to admit that it saves a lot of time and energy, and it is very convenient.

      But I still have my moment when I want to go to my favorite stores and get inspired by their store designs. I love to touch fabrics of the items, and look closer at the mannequins, and how the designers put garments together.  The aromas of candles and potpourri make this pastime even better, especially when seasons change.

      Then I choose everything I like from the new collections (from earrings to shoes) and try everything on until I get tired. Yes, I can spend the whole day in the stores I like, and I never feel bad about it. Of course, I don't do it often, but some days I definitely need it.

     Today was one of those days when spent almost three hours at Anthropologie and I got so lucky with my new purchases. As you already know I am a big bargain person, I am all about good deals. And I got a few really ones which I will show you soon.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Last days of summer

      The warm season flies with different, much higher pace and I always feel that I don't have enough time to wear all my summer clothes. Even though I spend much more time outside there is still always something on my rack I haven't gotten a chance to wear at least once.

      For example, let's take this top which got as a present from my friend Raisa last spring. Isn't cute? I loved it from the first sight, but there were always something - too hot, too dressy, not appropriate... And now in the end of summer, I decided that it cannot go into a box with summer clothes before I wear at least one time.

      It is a very busy, bright piece that's why it didn't get too much time and work to create my look today. Simple and at the same time stylish for a Saturday stroll in the town, in my opinion.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day in jeans

      It is interesting, but the word "jeans" means rest for me. No matter how fancy they are, I always feel very casual and laid-back when I wear them. Usually, they don't need much attention in terms of accessories and special tops because they go well almost with everything.

     The jeans I am wearing today needed a little bit extra work because they were already a statement piece in the whole outfit. That's why I had to be careful with a top and accessories, I didn't want to overload the whole look.

      I love wearing jeans on days when I want to feel relaxed and cool. They make me feel young and carefree. And I am still looking for a perfect pair of jeans - the ones with great fit and shape, but at the same time - simple and casual style.

     Which brands of jeans do you prefer?

Friday, August 25, 2017

White colors

      Have you noticed that sometimes two white items don't match with each other? Even though they are both white, sometimes different shades of this color make it harder to put them together.

      For example, the pants I am wearing today are white with cream tones and when I tried a white shirt on, they looked like they were washed too many times and lost their whiteness. Paired with a pure-white item they lost their attractiveness.

      This tank top has the exact shade of white as the pants and and I got a totally different outcome.  The color looks bright and reach. All shades of white are definitely my favorites for the summer!

Monday, August 21, 2017

New York trip

     Last Friday we went to New York to finally get our Russian travel passports, and decided to stay there over night. I was very happy about this decision, because this city impacts me so positively. Every time I go there I feel very inspired;  this city makes me believe that everything is possible if you really want something (of course, if you are working hard towards your goals).

     And the most exiting thing is that we get a chance to spend time together with my daughter, Olga. She lives in New York and loves being there so much. We had a great time together and enjoyed every minute spent together.

     That night I wanted to feel comfortable and at the same time dressed up. In New York it is almost impossible to wear heels because there is always too much walking, even though you are not planning to go far at first. That why I chose a pair of the most comfortable shoes  in my closet - wedges. They are very stable and not that high.

      Also, you can never go wrong with a black and white outfit - it is my favorite combination.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


       It is interesting how mush I have changed in some areas since I moved from Russia to the US. And probably, one of the biggest changes is wearing accessories. Back in Russia I was not a big fan of anything plastic or glass. I preferred gold or silver and real gemstones only, and it wasn't just me. Most of my girlfriends did the same thing. We believed that imitation jewelry made us look cheap, and it was a big cultural thing back in those days.

      Also, I didn't wear scarfs or hats, only at winter time when I had to. I felt like it didn't belong to me, I didn't like how it looked on me.

      Now, 11 years latter,  believe it or not, I wear fine jewelry very rearely, only for super special occasions. I love wearing accessories and I wear them a lot. I would never pass by a good deal with any kind of  accessories - hats, scarfs, necklaces, anything.... I love and keep them all.

     For example, this flower brooch I am wearing today, I bought many years ago, and this top I just got from Anthropologie. I put them together and they looked like one complete piece. The top looks more interesting with this addition.

     Have you noticed that sometimes we can create a totally new, unrecognizable look due to accessories?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

New type of look

       I bought every item from this outfit separately and at different periods of time. The brown tank-top was hanging in my closet for almost a year until I decided to try it on with one of my favorite tops. When I added these pants I realized that every item from this look has the same basic color, but different undertones - from beige to brown.

     When I looked to the mirror I couldn't say right away that I liked it. It was different from what I usually wear, but at the same time I couldn't say "No" to this look. I found it pretty interesting and stylish. I added some accessories and showed it to my main expert - Evgeny. He didn't look like he was impressed at first either. But we both decided to give it a try.

     And at the end of the day it actually all worked out! I got compliments from people on the streets and I felt very comfortable and confident wearing my new creation.

     Well..., it is a little bit different, but who says that we can not experiment?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Walk along the waterfront

      Sometimes I really like wearing something simple and comfortable without anything extra:  a little bit of make up,  simple bracelets and earrings, comfortable shoes and lose-fitting clothes. On days like that all I want is to feel relaxed and free.

      Today I am wearing another striped top (the kind I have plenty of in my closet), and linen pants. What could be better for walking along the waterfront? I always enjoy being near the big water - a sea, an ocean or a wide river, it gives me calmness and peace.

      Sometimes I need a break from dressy clothes in order to enjoy simplicity.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

More summer colors

       Unfortunately, our summer season is too short and I have always felt that it is not enough time to wear all my summer clothes. Even though my wardrobe is not that big anymore (I did a really great job with cleaning my shelves and racks), I still have a few items I haven't worn this year yet. Today I am wearing one of them, another item with summer colors.

       It is one of my favorite dresses which I bought last year at Anthropologie. I already showed this dress last year here. We were at the shore and I wore it as a beach dress with flats and a regular bag. But today we had a birthday party to attend and all I did was just added heels, a statement necklace and a beaded clutch. And it turned out as an evening look.

      I love items like this dress, when I can create more than one outfit from it and when I can dress it up or down. Just add some accessories depending on the event and I can feel comfortable and appropriate in any situation.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer colors

       I want to start today's post with a big Thank You to all of you who read my blog, leave comments and help me to keep writing even though it is not always easy for me. Today, on August 1st, a year ago, I started this blog with big doubts about blogging in English. I wasn't sure if I could do it even for one year, but I am still here. It is my first little Anniversary and, being honest, I am very happy I didn't quit.

      Today I want to show you my look which I was wearing on Sunday. I think that the summer requires bright colors. I like wearing white and all colors which reminds me about ripe fruit - peaches, nectarines, apricots, berries, watermelons... Summer is the only season when it is absolutely acceptable to wear really bright colors.

      On this sunny, beautiful day I feel so comfortable wearing this outfit - simple, comfortable and, in my opinion, very summery. Of course, fall is coming soon and orange is one of the main colors of that season, but it will be a totally different shade of orange, dipper and darker. But now, we all need something really bright and colorful before the long months of cold weather.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Lucky find

     You have seen this skirt in my previous posts a few times before and I am not done yet with mix it with other items. In Russia, we call garments like this skirt - "lucky find". Honestly, in moments when I don't know what to wear my hands always reach for this skirt. It is easy to mix it almost with everything. It is one of my favorite items now.

      As you may have noticed, I rarely wear bold-colored outfits. I prefer to have one printed item, whether it is a top or a bottom, and match it with a bold color. This skirt, actually, has all my favorite colors, that's why it is very easy to match it with any top or sweater from my wardrobe. Plus, what I like about it the most is that this print can be worn for any season.

      At first, I wasn't sure about wearing it in the summer - I thought it was too dark. However,  it turned out as a great combination. Even with a black top and shoes the whole outfit looks pretty summery for me.

      What about you? Do you prefer printed or bold items in your wardrobe?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Off shoulder top

       Probably, everyone has noticed that off shoulder tops are a big trend this season, that's why I couldn't resist to buy one also. I found it on line at Macy's and could't wait till it arrived. I love the light fabric and especially the print, I think it is very summery.

      But let me tell you - wearing off shoulder tops is not an easy thing to do. The top keeps going up and I need to pull it down once in a while. However, sometimes we need to suffer a little bit in order to keep things work. I don't mind doing it at all because I really like this new piece in my wardrobe. I hope it is still going to be in style next summer.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

New bag

      I bought this dress on sale at Anthropologie last winter and it was a real deal: believe me, I couldn't resist. I loved everything about it - white color, linen fabric, cute applique, relaxed and free fit. It was one of those items which looked very simple and at the same time had something special, different. I couldn't wait for the summer so I could wear it somewhere.

      Well, the summer came and I have tried it on a few times, but every time I tried to choose the right bag it didn't work well. None of my bags looked right with this simple, white  dress. Isn't disappointing?

      Finally, I stopped by at Macy's one day and went directly to the handbag department. This bag was right there waiting for me. Literally fifteen minutes latter I went out of the store with my new "friend". I think that was the fastest shopping I have ever done in my life. I fell in love with this bag at first sight.

      That day we went to a Car Show with Evgeny in Media, and I was so happy that I finally found the right match to my dress. I am sure that I will show you many more outfits with this new bag.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Russian style

       It is exactly how I used to look almost 11 years ago back in Russia. It was my style at work, at the parties, on weekends strolling downtown - always in shape and on high heels.  No matter where I was going I always wore tight and tailored dresses, skirt and pants suits and very rarely jeans and knitted garments. My clothes were my second skin and I liked it tight.

      I bought this dress at Macy's a long time ago and completely forgot about it. It was interesting when I found this dress in my closet and tried it on I felt very weird, like it doesn't belong to me anymore.  It wasn't comfortable at all - it was hard to breath; I needed to keep myself straight all the time. This dress really kept me in shape. I used to love it before, but not anymore. I don't even know - is it a good or a bad thing?

      Yesterday we were going to a baby shower and I decided to give it a shot. I was thinking that I can wear it only one time and then send it to my niece to Russia. But I got so many compliments on this look, and I am thinking now - should I keep or get rid of it?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dress for special occasions

      I remember I bought this dress only because it was on sale. It probably wouldn't be my choice if it was original price. I was standing and looking at it in doubt and a sales person said to me: "Just buy and try it on with the right shoes and make up. If you don't like you can always bring it back. I am sure you will love this dress!" She convinced me.

       Of course, when I put the dress on at home, Evgeny didn't want to hear any arguments about returning it. He insisted I keep this dress. Well, in my practice I already know very well - if I brought something home it rarely goes back. Especially if I showed it to my husband. I decided to keep that dress already knowing that I am not going to wear it very often. It is not a garment you can wear at any time, it is a little bit too much.

      On Sunday we had a big birthday party and I decided to wear it, because it fit well to the place we went to. Even though this dress is not for every day, but it is definitely for special occasions.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Particular style of a t-shirt

     Do you have any items in your wardrobe which were supposed to be tossed a long time ago, but you just can not let it happened? I do... Today I am wearing one of them.

     I bought this t-shirt a long time ago and every summer I promise myself that this is the last summer I keep it in my closet, and every time in end of the season I make a decision to prolong its life until the next one. I don't know why...

      It doesn't look like it is a big problem to replace it with a new one. The stores are full of all different kinds of t-shirts, but this particular one includes everything I like about t-shirts: perfect neckline and length; the color - I can easily match it almost with anything;  thin and very breathable knitwear which at the same time is not translucent; and most importantly - it has one of my favorite quotes - "Never give up".

      When I looked at these pictures closer I have noticed that my t-shirts has little pills in some arias which means - it is definitely time for it to go, but not until the end of the summer.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day in Cape May, NJ

      Happy Independence Day America and Americans!

      On Sunday, all of a sudden, Evgeny decided to go to the shore. I didn't want him to take any pictures of me that day, but it looked like it wasn't optional. Of course, he took his camera and did it anyway.

      At first, I let it happen knowing that I am not going to post them, but when I looked at them at home, I realized that I can talk about my looks a little bit because I have a few pretty good photos even though I wasn't planning to show those outfits.

      We left our home at about 1 p.m. and at the time we got to the shore it was still very hot. That's why we decided to make a quick stop at Cape May Zoo and have a little stroll there. I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible with 90 degrees outside. For the Zoo I chose linen shorts and a very light top. Linen is one of my favorite fabrics for summer time, it is very relaxing and looks neatly even with wrinkles after sitting in the car.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Another option for my skirt

       Today I am wearing a skirt I showed you a year ago here. I remember I couldn't find any top that worked with this skirt. Finally, I found one. Now I want to show you another option for this skirt which I like even more. I bought this blouse also at Macy's, but a few months after I purchased the skirt.

      I love how I feel in this outfit - airy, free and very relaxed. In my opinion, this blouse adds more style to the whole look, but at the same time gives me more comfort. Natural fabric lets my body breath even though it has long sleeves. And the color... I love all shades of white for summer time.

     The only one thing - this outfit does not let me walk fast. As soon as I put it on it puts me a  romantic mood. For that reason, instead of going to Philadelphia we decided to spend some time walking in Swarthmore College.

     I love this place for little strolls,  especially in the season of blooming magnolias and hortensias!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Great find

     This dress is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Last winter I stopped by at Anthropologie to return some pieces which didn't work out well for me. I was staying in line to one of the cashier registers and my eyes caught something very unusual hanging among winter clothes. I returned the items and came closer...

      It was a summer dress, very well made with pretty interesting design. I loved it from the first sight. I checked a size - it was my dress. I went to a fitting room right away, tried it on. It did not disappoint me - the length, the fabric and especially the style. I looked at the price and it made me even happier - $29.99 instead of $198.00.

      Of course, it's mine! It was waiting for me! I ran to the cashier,  she processed my purchase and  said: "We have 30% off of the sale items today, the total is $20.99."  What? It was definitely my day! 

      Since I bought it I couldn't wait to wear it somewhere.  Last Saturday we had a big party and I finally got a chance to put it on. I felt so good in my great find. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Unnoticeable change

      I remember I surprised myself when I bought this top a couple of years ago. It was a very weird and unusual choice for me. I would never ever select  and wear anything like that in Russia. Shapeless, short, small floral print and gloomy colors. No, it wasn't "me" at all. But at the same time I was looking for something different, something I've never worn before. I felt that I needed a changes in my life.

      I brought this top home and tried it on with a pair of jeans. I wasn't sure if I liked it, for sure it wasn't my style. But at the same time there was something different, something new and unknown. I felt very comfortable and free. Probably, free is the right word for my feelings: this item had no belts, no tight-fitting silhouette, no constraining  style. I decided that I had to try this new style. Even though I didn't feel myself, I still had to give it a try.

      And today, I know how it all started. This top was the first one in my closet  with which I started wearing loose tops and blouses. And now I can say - I love them. Unnoticeably, my style has changed very much and looking back I can say - it is not a bad thing.  We are changing -everything around us is changing!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rainy day in New York

      It was a spontaneous trip to New York. Olga and I decided to take Evgeny out there to celebrate a Father's Day. I checked the weather and realized that it was supposed to rain until lunch time, but we decided to go anyway. How could I say "No" for spending time in the most inspiring city in the world?

      The only one thing - I didn't know what to wear for this kind of a rainy, humid, gray day. I wanted to wear comfortable and practical clothes, but at the same time not too sporty... Finally the decision was made and I ended up with an all-black outfit, except for a jean jacket. Black is the best color for taking a train and spending the whole day in the city on a rainy day.

      I felt very comfortable and was pretty happy with my choice. And of course, it does not mater what kind of weather is awaiting for you there, this city is always so beautiful!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A beach dress

      It's interesting..., the dress I am wearing today we bought seven years ago in Atlantic City, NJ for Olga. And now, seven years later, we are in Atlantic City again and this dress is still "alive". But now - it's mine, I took it after Olga.

      I think this dress is still relevant even today. Simple shape, light, comfortable, restful - exactly what I need for a day on the shore. Long sleeves protect me well from a sunburn. Especially I love the color, I think that white is a perfect color for a beach time.

     I personally prefer wearing dresses or skirts near the ocean, for me they are more comfortable and help me feel more relaxed then pants or shorts do. That's why I am definitely keeping this white dress in my closet for days like today. Thank you Olga, again!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Short jacket

     Recently, I got my order from Macy's. There were five items and one of them was a jacket I am wearing today. I wasn't sure if it worked well for me, but anyway I decided to order and try it on. I am not tall (5'4 tall) and I know that short tops might make me look shorter, that's why I am very careful with that length. But I really liked this piece.

     Well... This jacket definitely needs high-rise wide-leg pants or jeans, which I don't have now, but they are already on my "Must buy list".

     And while  I am looking for them, I decided to try to make it work with skinny jeans and a long shirt. In my opinion the shirt is a little bit long, but besides that I like it.

    I ended up with returning three items back, but this short jacket definitely stays with me.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Out of comfort zone

      If I found this blouse in a store I would have never even looked at it - for me it's too girly with too many details at the same time - lace, embroidery, lush sleeves, too much fabric around my waist. It is definitely not my usual choice. But the thing is - when it comes from Olga, I always try things on, because sometimes I just want to see what she chooses for herself and the main question - why? What did she like about this item?

      And, of course, most of her clothes don't work for me, -  we have totally different preferences and styles, in addition to the age difference. But sometimes, as you've seen before, some pieces I end up keeping in my closet after she doesn't want them anymore. They really works well for me.

     Today I decided to wear this blouse, even if it is not my theme. I decided to try something totally new for myself, I wanted to see how I feel in the item which doesn't belong to me. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. I spent the whole day in this outfit and wasn't feeling uncomfortable. Again, it is not what I usually buy, but it's like being out of my comfort zone, a little challenge in a good way. I decided to keep it for a while... Who said that it's not for me?

Friday, June 2, 2017

A striped top

      I think that my favorite pattern for tops is stripes. I love all different kinds of stripes - wide and narrow, different colors and shades. Sometimes I need to control myself when I am choosing clothes to try on in stores because I might only have striped tops of all different styles and colors in my hands.

      In my opinion stripes always add more style and sharpness to any outfit. They help to create an interesting look in the easiest way because it is already pretty busy and do not require any accessories. Of course, I can always add something, but for days when I just go for a walk on the city streets it is good enough without any additions. Easy, simple and stylish.

      What do you like more - one-color tops or patterns?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Random selection

      Do you have these moments when you stand in front of your closet and don't have any idea what you want to wear right now. You have mixed up feelings coming from "I don't have anything to wear..." In your mind you are trying different clothes on and not liking anything at the moment. It was exactly what felt standing and looking at my clothes.

      Finally, I chose the new culottes I bought recently at Anthropologie and a long cardigan, which was hanging in my closet at least for a year with a tag on. At first, it looked like a weird combination - a long cardigan and short pants, but when I tried it on, I really liked it. Unfamiliarly, but pretty interesting.

      We went to Philadelphia and I was surprised how many compliments I got from people on the streets.  It was a bit of a risky outfit for me to wear, but it turned out that it worked out well.

      Sometimes, it is a good thing to go out of our comfort zone and enjoy something that is totally not ours. And by the end of the day it became one of my favorite outfit I've created by chance. I felt very comfortable in it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Shoe addiction

      I love shoes, all different kinds of shoes! I don't think that I am saying something new or unusual, and I am sure that all of us feel the same. When I was in my twenties in Russia, it wasn't easy to buy a good pair of any shoes (sandals, boots, heels). For good quality shoes we would pay almost a monthly salary, that's why I had a tiny variety of choices - two pair of winter boots, two-three pairs of spring/fall season shoes and three-four summer sandals and flip-flops. I was very gentle wearing them and took care of each pair very well.I always went to a shoe repair shop with any little problem to make my shoes ' life longer.

      When I moved to the US, at first I couldn't believe how cheap the shoe shopping was here compared to Russia. I couldn't stop buying pairs after pairs and I didn't know how to keep myself from the stores with attractive sale prices.I felt like I was in a shoe paradise.

      But today, ten years later, I treat shopping completely differently. I feel that enough is enough. Nowadays I have become very selective with my shopping, especially with shoes. I decided to buy only something really interesting and, I would say, different. Something that catches attention and at the same time is made with quality and comfort.

    Today I am wearing the shoes I bought last fall at Anthropologie. I fell in love with them at first sight, but they were pricey for me. I added them to my shopping cart and started waiting until they go on sale. And if my size got sold out before they went on sale, it would have been ok with me. Today I know for sure that another beautiful pair will always be waiting for me. I am not worried about it anymore.

     But in this particular case everything worked out just perfectly. This pair of shoes cost around $200.00, I waited for a month, and finally bought them for $41.00. Isn't great?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Stroll in a park

       I was always sure that for a stroll in the park I definitely have to wear sportwear. I was thinking that it is all about activities and regular clothes are not appropriate for walking in the park areas. But why did I think so? Who said that every time I go there I have to look like I am ready to exercise?

      Today was a beautiful day to be outside and I really wanted to spend some time just walking somewhere in the nature. However this time I wanted to wear something light and springy, but not a t-short with leggins. I decided to try something different.

      I didn't plan to take any pictures, but when Evgeny looked at me, he asked: "Why not? I like your outfit - simple and cute. Let's take some..." And I repeated after him - "Truly, why not?"

      We had a great time walking, talking and enjoying the warm, spring day together. And I realized that my look seemed totally fine and I felt very comfortable in this outfit for a little stroll in that beautiful park. Maybe I looked a little different from others, but who said that it's a bad thing?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My girl's Birthday

      Today is my daughter's Birthday! When she said that she wants to come to Philadelphia and spend her Day with us I was on top of the world! What a great idea!
      It reminded me that since she was a little girl I was always trying to do something different and special on her birthday. I always surprised her with something. She made me very happy with her decision for this year's celebration. Could I wish more?
      It was a perfect, sunny, warm day in Philadelphia full of laugh, happiness and love. We were so happy to get together. Family only! And we know exactly how to have the most wonderful time together.
     Happy Birthday to my best girl in the World! You are my best friend, biggest support, greatest inspiration! Love you so much!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Becoming favorite

     I found it interesting how some items have been becoming so popular in my closet and I want to wear them over and over again. Fo example, this skirt. I bought it on purpose, only because I needed to finish my outfit with a jacket which my friend made for me (Hand-made jacket). And it turned out that I am wearing it very often - with sweaters, with a vest, with denim and today I tried the skirt with a jacket and it also worked well.

      It literally goes almost with every item from my closet. I love garments like that! It has truly become one of my favorite pieces of clothes. The print has all colors I need to match with different kinds of tops. I am sure I will show you many more outfits with this item involved.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Long cardigan

     Today I am wearing another timeless piece from my wardrobe  - a wool/cashmere cardigan. I found this long cardigan probably four or five years ago at TJMaxx, and since then I've been wearing it with great pleasure every spring and fall seasons. It looks different from all my clothes due to its the length and the fact that it neither has any buttons nor a belt.

      Again, well made Italian piece which is not easy to find these days. I thing it will never go out of style, that's why all these years I haven't even had any thoughts to get rid of this item. Instead, I always give it extra care: hand wash, bring outside and hang for a couple of days on the really hot, sunny days to protect from moths.

      It is interesting, but I don't have too many items in my closet for which I care so much. What about you?

Friday, May 5, 2017

The right length

      I want to talk a little bit about the right length of clothes again. I bought these pants online last fall on a big sale. I loved everything about them, but every time I put them on there was something I didn't like and couldn't understand exactly what it was. There were well made and fit me perfectly, they had great quality of fabric, I loved the color... But I couldn't pair them with anything from my wardrobe. I was thinking to return them.

      Two weeks ago I got a regular box of clothes from my Olga and I found a few interesting pieces for myself. One of them was a vest I am wearing today. I was trying to create  this look and stumbled upon these pants again. Well, I decided to try them on one more time before sending them back. A miracle didn't happened, something still looked wrong..., until I hemmed the pants. And these 2 inches helped me get a totally different look.

      The proportions and the whole outfit looked great now! I went upstairs, opened my sewing machine, cut off these 2 inches right away and 30 minutes later I got a perfect pair of pants. Now they go well with heels and with flats, they look great with almost all my sweaters and tops. The right length can change the whole look completely. A little thing, but is very important!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Something simple

      Comfortable, simple, easy to create and wear... Sometimes I can  spontaneously change my whole outfit right before I have to leave the house. Do you have these moments when you realize in the last minute that everything you put on yourself doesn't fit your current mood? When all of a sadden you understand that want something totally different...

      It is exactly what happened with me today. I had totally different clothes on me, but something wasn't right, I didn't feel comfortable at all. I needed something simpler and more casual.  At the last moment I decided to change the whole look, and surprisingly, It made me happier and more relaxed. 

     It is interesting how our clothes can make such a big change in our mood and self-perception.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A second hand duster

      A couple of years ago my acquaintance, Joan, stopped by my office and brought me this duster. Joan said that she found it at Goodwill and as soon as she saw the size and style she thought of me. And she actually bought it for me.

      When I looked at it, I knew - it was my piece of clothes! The quality, the style and the fabric..., I was amazed. I put it on right away and I loved it from the first sight. Joan told me that she bought it for only $4.00. I couldn't believe it... I wasn't familiar with Ellen Tracy clothing, but I assumed that this item wouldn't be cheap. I opened a website and found the similar one, the price was $499.00. Unbelievable! Thank you very much Joan! It is a real treasure.

      Joan definitely has a good eye. I like her style very much, she always wears something different and interesting, and most of her clothes are from the second hand stores. After I got this present from her I started thinking that it is not a bad idea to check some racks at stores like that one once in a while.

     Do you shop at any second hand stores?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

New-old outfit

      Another set from my wardrobe which has been in my closet for ten years. I remember how much I liked this sweater when I found it at Filene's Basement. It was a little bit pricy, but I couldn't resist. It met all my requirements - quality, color, style. Of course, I bought it!

     And since then, every time I wore this piece, I really enjoyed it. Here is a bright side of well-made clothes - it always pays off. We pay more at first, but if I count how many times I wore it, it turns out that, ten years later,  it is not that expensive anymore and is still in good shape. And, surprisingly, it is still in style. Aren't off the shoulder tops in a big trend this season?

     Same situation with a skirt. In my opinion, it doesn't look out of style at all and I love the color - bright and festive. Especially for a sunny, warm, vernal day like today!

     And the most pleasant thing - it didn't cost me anything to create this outfit. Like I said - I have enough clothes in my closet to create a fresh, new outfit without spending any money. And I am sure - so do you!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trendy items

       Today I am going to talk about H&M again. I want to show you the next two purchases I've made there. I am including a price for each item just to show how affordable new trends could be. In my own opinion, trendy clothes is where we can save our money, because trends go out of style very fast and it is always sad when we have to get rid of clothes only because they are not in style anymore.

      I prefer to pay more money for basic and classic items which never go out of style and I can wear for years. But here is an example, a sweater I am wearing today..., Pink color is a big trend  for Spring 2017, and even though it looks very classic I know it is a one-season item.  I would prefer a similar sweater for the next year, but in a trendy color. That's why the price I paid for that piece is completely satisfied my need.

      I also like to wear layers in spring time, because the weather is very unpredictable during this season. That's why I matched this sweater ($7.00) with a blouse ($18.00) and got a very springy pairing. It was a great deal. 

       I tried this outfit with two different style of shoes and surprisingly I liked my look  the most with slip-on sneakers. Very modern and fresh. Looks like I am giving up heels more and more.

      Which look do you like more?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cozy sweater

      Do you have these days in your life when you don't want to wear anything but very comfortable and relaxed clothes? When all you want is to feel laid back and not to think too much about style. When you want to wrap yourself into something super cozy and big. Sometimes I do have days like I just described.

      Second item I bought at H&M was a sweater I am wearing today. I've been looking for something like that for a while - not too oversized and comfy at the same time. I fulfilled all my wishes with this purchase - color, shape, length, style and price, $10.00 only! I tried it with many items in my closet and it looks good almost with everything.

     I think it is a great addition to my wardrobe and I am happy that I found what I was searching for...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shopping in NYC

      Last Tuesday we went to New York to the Russian Embassy. After we finished our business there I decided to check a couple of stores and one of them was H&M. I've never shopped there because I didn't like the quality and I always thought that this brand was created for younger people. But this time I decided to come in - their windows looked so attractive.

      This H&M store on 5th Avenue is very well organized and to my biggest surprise - it has many items that are very well made. Usually nothing there catches my eye, but not this time. I found many interesting and trendy clothes, went to a fitting room and I was so happy that they have the right sizing. Everything fit me well.

      Another story - their prices... It is paradise! I bought five pieces of clothes for $62.00. Great spring, trendy clothes! Isn't unbelievable?

      Today I am wearing one of them - a bomber which I bought for $10.00. It's been in trend for a while and I've been looking for something like that about a year already, but I couldn't find anything for less than $80.00.

      It was a perfect deal, I couldn't resist.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring is here

      Today, I can finally say that spring is here. On warm, sunny, beautiful Sunday I really wanted to wear something light - in garment and in color. It is interesting, but for spring I prefer  lighter colors than for other seasons. Maybe because they remind me about first young greens on trees and bushes, first flowers and light blue sky. Yes, I am definitely prefer light colors for spring!

      This year, for the first time in a pretty long time I decided to update my spring outerwear. You saw my new trench coat I bought recently on-line, and today I am wearing a second piece from that order. I bought this jacket on-line at Macy's store while they had a big event with 30% off. I wasn't sure about this jacket, but Evgeny didn't want to hear anything about returning it. He fell in love with this item and asked me to keep it. I wasn't sure about the style, but I definitely loved the color. It is very springy plus pink is in trend this season.

      We went for a walk in a park and when I looked at pictures after, I realized that I liked. It is very comfortable and easy to style.  And the color... I love the color. That decides it for me! I will keep it!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

All in doubts

      I ordered this trench coat on-line from Macy's right before Olga gave me hers (Denim and leopard print). I know,we have a very short period in between winter and summer seasons, and sometimes I feel like my winter coats and boots need to be switched for light clothes and sandals too quickly. That's why I think I don't need too many items for that transition. But there is always a couple weeks when we all need something warmer than just a cardigan or a jacket.

      I like this trench coat a lot, but the only one thing - it is dark blue again. Do I need another coat in the almost same color? Do I need two coats for that short period of time, even they are different in style? These questions came up to my mind when I was wearing this coat today at work... And the most important question - is it a spring color?

      Probably, it is not the right item for me if I have so many questions... What do you think?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Denim and leopard print

        I remember when my daughter bought this trench coat, I liked it a lot. I thought at that moment that I should buy something like that for myself. It will never go out of style...

      And this past weekend she came to visit us and brought this trench coat. She knew how much I liked it and she decided to give it to me. I was very surprised and happy at the same time. Thank you, Olga!

      This trench coat can go with almost everything. But today I want to show how I style this coat with different colors of animal print. I love the combination of denim and leopard. It's been in trend forever...

     Which of these combinations do you like more?

     1. This outfit I would wear for a daytime or for work. It looks professional and sharp. 
I can go anywhere without thinking that it's a little too much. 
Just regular, casual look for any event.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

French touch

      This outfit was created for me with the help of two wonderful French ladies - Seda and Conni. They are originally from France and they own one of my favorite boutiques - Touche Accessories, which is located in King of Prussia Mall, PA. I love this place very much, I can always find there something really different from other stores. They both have exceptional taste and they always full of good advice.

      Last year I was looking for something beautiful and interesting for my birthday party and I couldn't find anything I liked. I always keep in mind- if I need something really different, it is time to visit my French ladies! Of course, they always have something I would never find anywhere else, plus their sizes belong to me. I know my exact size and it never changes in their boutique, not like in American stores.

      I explained to them what I was looking for, turned my head and saw a beautiful skirt on a mannequin, and from the first sight I knew - it was mine. Seda helped me to find a top  and a necklace, and 10 minutes later I was ready to pay for this outfit. It fit me perfectly!

      She looked at me very attentively and said: "Red suede heels, french manicure, little stud earrings, skin-tone tights - and you'll be the best at your party!"

      I gave her a hug... It was unbelievable how much she cared about how I looked! She teaches and helps me every time I come!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A vest

      I am a big fan of vests, especially in between seasons. When the temperature outside changes a lot from cold in the morning to warm at daytime, but wind is still pretty cool. Sometimes it is hard to decide - should I wear a trench coat or a cardigan? But the vest is almost always the right answer. It keeps your body warm, but at the same time makes you feel cooler because your arms are not covered with sleeves.

      I think a vest is always a great addition to almost every outfit, it's stylish and comfortable at the same time, and it's very easy to match with other clothes. I have three in my wardrobe, but this one I like the most because I can wear it almost with every casual item in my closet.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

In the end of winter season

      One day I am extremely happy about my blog and the very next day I am all in doubts. But I was thinking lately about it and realized that this blog helped me in so many different ways:

- I started developing my writing skills which for a non-native speaker is not easy;
- I am taking myself out of my comfort zone every time I pose in front of the camera;
- I spend much more time outside with Evgeny and we both enjoy finding new places in the area and taking pictures;
- I started cleaning my closet from "loner" things which have been with me for a long period of time. (I gave a limit, if I haven't worn an item for two years - it is time for it to go);
- I started shopping even wiser. No more spontaneous purchases. And even if that happened (we are all humans), I always keep a tag on a purchased item hanging for a while and  a check in my wallet;
- I started playing more with different combinations of clothes and accessories, and I found that I can create many more outfits with the same items.

      Honestly, I love it a lot! I had become very lazy and too comfortable with my style lately - easy, simple and boring. Now, thanks to my blog, I reminded myself how much I love to mix and match things, try possible options with impossible. And this blog is a real help for me.

      Today I decided to show my last three coats of my winter outerwear. They have been in my closet for a long time and I still wear them on a daily basis. Yes, I finally decided to look closer at my winter outerwear and make a strong decision. Is it time to go? Is it time to replace them with something new and modern?

      1. This coat I bought eight years ago, when I worked at Marshall's. It is pretty conservative and traditional with style and color in my opinion. That's why I still wear it without any doubts. The only one thing is it's not in a great shape anymore. But, honestly, - it is one of my favorite items in my winter closet. What do you think - should I keep it or not?